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By guest, Oct 30 2015 03:59PM

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Apr 24 2016 12:44AM by Jeremy Bair/ Owner N.C.M.

Some of my competitors have been misinforming the public on the "toxic" nature of the product I use. What I use as a base element is known as an "MDI", used to insulate refrigerators, freezers and homes across the world. It is accepted at all landfills if needed but the whole point of "poly jacking" is to keep the landfills free of discarded concrete. It is a far superior method to "traditional" mud jacking, so chances of having to replace repaired area in the future are greatly reduced. Studies have shown that "MDI" has no negative impact on landfills or ground water and such. The "lime" element used in the making of concrete or mud jacking material far more hazardous and has a lasting impact that far exceeds any of those with polyurethane. Thanks.

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